How I Learned to Actually Speak a New Language with Verbling

Verbling is an online tool that enables you to receive private language instruction anywhere in the world, from an instructor anywhere in the world. Read about my experience and why I chose to use Verbling to improve my Spanish speaking skills after taking years of formal classes.

Have you tried learning another language?

Like many other people my age growing up and going to school in Southern California, it was common for our curriculum to include Spanish Classes. In fact, I took years of Spanish classes from middle school all the way to the university level. Though these classes taught me perfect grammar and the ability to write pages and pages of essays in Spanish, I was never taught the ability to speak Spanish fluently and confidently. I believe the best way to actually learn a language is to immerse yourself, and after traveling through Mexico for various work and personal trips, I realized I still needed more help.

My Spanish was getting better, but I realized the more proficient I became, the less people would correct me even though I knew I was making mistakes. My Spanish was at a level where people would understand me enough to get what I was saying, but it was still far from perfect. I wanted to find a teacher who I could speak with privately, and who could correct me when I make a mistake so my Spanish would continue to improve. Upon doing a quick online search, I found exactly what I was looking for: Verbling.

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Choose an instructor and learn a language through private lessons 

Choose an instructor and learn a language through private lessons 

Practice speaking with a private instructor online

For Spanish, Verbling has thousands of instructors that you can choose from based on rating, price, geographic location, gender, and skill. Choosing based on geographic location is especially helpful if there is a particular accent you prefer to learn and practice with, and in my case I chose an instructor named Carla from Oaxaca, Mexico. Depending on how you want the lessons to be structured, your instructor can lead exercises, design lesson plans, or simply engage in conversation if that is what you want to practice most.

My instructor Carla keeps our conversations flowing by speaking with me and asking me questions at a rate that makes me think in Spanish, which improves my fluency. Our many lessons have begun to feel more like two girlfriends chatting and catching up, and I now truly consider Carla as a friend that cares about me and cares about what is going on in my life. We talk about topics ranging from current events to my relationships, my family, my job, my travels, and my hobbies, because these are normal conversational topics I want to develop to speak fluently. Depending on how you want to structure your lessons, your instructor will be able to accommodate your needs and interests for your level of proficiency. Verbling is also awesome for beginners and people who want to learn an entirely new language- there are instructors on Verbling for 80+ different languages!

How to use Verbling

Verbling is available as both a desktop website and a mobile app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store), and though the desktop version has more features, you can use the mobile app to book, schedule, and take lessons with your instructor while traveling or on the go. For each lesson you log onto Verbling’s portal and are placed into a video conference session, where you can see and hear your instructor. Lessons are usually 1 hour long, and you can schedule a 30-minute trial lesson with most instructors before purchasing full sessions. You are able to buy as few or as many lessons as you would like, and many instructors offer discounts for purchasing lessons in packages.

Use verbling on the go with their mobile app or desktop site that also works on tablets

Use verbling on the go with their mobile app or desktop site that also works on tablets

Scheduling your lessons in Verbling is made easy by letting you choose from the availability in your instructor’s schedule, taking into account the time zones of both you and your instructor. Verbling lets you set reminders and notifications to make sure you are on time to check in for your lessons. Verbling also has an awesome Flashcard feature that your instructor updates during and after your lessons by making note of words that you need to practice or just learned. You can use the Flashcard feature to study up in between lessons, and it’s available both online and in the app.

If you need to learn a language for work and are looking for an instructor knowledgeable in a particular field or industry, you could always post in Verbling’s community forum and instructors can respond to your request. Verbling also offers a platform called Verbling Enterprise for companies to enroll their employees in language learning courses and track their progress. Tell your boss and get your company to sponsor your language learning!

#LEARNWITHVERBLING and follow  @verbling  on instagram for daily language and travel inspiration

#LEARNWITHVERBLING and follow @verbling on instagram for daily language and travel inspiration

Become a Teacher or a Translator

For those looking for an interesting opportunity to work while living or traveling abroad, consider becoming an instructor on Verbling! Verbling teachers are able to set their own rates, their own schedules, and you can choose if you prefer to work full-time, part-time, or just occasionally. As long as you have a computer, internet access, and experience teaching your native language to students of other languages, you qualify to apply! Verbling also offers opportunities use your skills as a translator. Click here to learn more!

Have you ever tried learning a new language? What tips do you have for learning a language quickly? Let me know in the comments!


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